“Have you tried to make money on-line but failed miserably? Or even struggled to generate leads and engage with your potential customers?”

“Don’t Struggle To Make Money Online, Discover How To Use This 3 Step System To Create  Impressive Leads From Scratch And Start  Generating Profits Without Losing Any Potential Customers.”

“All You Need To Do Is Follow This Step-By-Step System That Works Every time You Apply It To Any Business… Even If You’re A Complete Newbie!”

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"This is an easy to follow course."

I have had this product for a few weeks now and used the ways shown on the video's which are so easy to follow, I am in the crafts niche which is a very unique niche to be in and now learning how to follow up on leads for my business. Thanks to this course I've now mastered capturing leads. Thank you so much for the guidance and the bonuses are a big help too!
Jennifer Yates

"Easy as pie to follow!"

Me and Alison have had a business online for 5 years now, we are doing ok with a stable income but I still had to put a few hours into a job just to make up the extra cash, I was recommended this product by someone I trust and thought yeah what the heck. Since purchasing we've learnt a lot more and realized that our online business was missing something and that made all the difference.
Stephen and Alison Jones

"Well worth the investment for what you get!"

Being new to this online business stuff, I thought if I build it - people automatically want to buy my product, but I had no idea how to get leads let alone get recurring business. I was recommended this product by my mentor which I bought without hesitating and it's been one of the best investments so far this year, I can basically use this for any type of business. Being young and adventurous I really want to see the world and live the millionaires lifestyle, so this was a crucial part of information that I needed and with my girlfriend now helping out I am now showing her the ropes, without knowing this information I would probably still be having a floating website only generating small amounts of income. For a small investment you get a large return...
Sarah Thomas and Sean Moore

"Incredible results using this system" 

After having our first child, we were trying to find ways for my wife to stay at home and potentially start a business to make an income without leaving the baby.  After a few struggles and teething problems, we stumbled across this package. It just took off! We never expected much but I have been able to leave my job and stay home with her and my child, we're now doing this together and it has brought us closer as a family too! thank you so much!
Andrew and Jayne Parks

"This was the missing link I was looking for!"

Me and my wife thought it was a good idea to look into starting up a website for our shop over a year ago which was fine as this gave us presence online, one thing we struggled on was getting our offers out there. After doing a survey in the shop on how they heard of us, about 67% said the internet-  which was great, we didn't realize that we were missing a trick and leaving potential customers on the table - until we stumbled across this website. After a little thought (and without telling my wife!) I decided to give it a shot. I admit I was a little sceptical but very quickly the penny dropped! We're gaining more and more custom, things have really picked up and we're busier than ever... I still haven't told my wife!
Jimmy and Sandra Taylor

From The Desk Of:

Kevin J.P Ebsworthleadwizardrypackage

If you want to discover The Step-By-Step System to Create Impressive Leads from Scratch, And Start Generating Profits… Then this may be the most important message you will ever read:

Here’s why:

I have just created a new product called “Lead Generation Wizardry 2.0” which is a simple system to help you create impressive leads from scratch and start generating you profits within 48 hours from learning these methods!

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll discover:

Checkmark1 (2015_04_27 19_09_30 UTC)-largeHow to create high converting Landing Pages, so you can generate more income.

Checkmark1 (2015_04_27 19_09_30 UTC)-largeHow to create ‘bribe’ offer where you’ll learn to create highly enticing free offers to get more visitors sign up to your list.

Checkmark1 (2015_04_27 19_09_30 UTC)-largeYou’ll see the exact techniques I use to come up with landing pages that converts massive amounts of visitors into subscribers.

Checkmark1 (2015_04_27 19_09_30 UTC)-largeI’ll also share the secret to write highly responsive emails to keep your readers engaged to keep them waiting for your emails eagerly.

Checkmark1 (2015_04_27 19_09_30 UTC)-largeTraffic generation where you’ll discover an effective method of generating a huge amount of traffic to build your list on steroids.

Checkmark1 (2015_04_27 19_09_30 UTC)-largeThe real reason it never worked before? And the f
astest known way to convert a non-paying customer to a paying customer.

Checkmark1 (2015_04_27 19_09_30 UTC)-largeOnly 3 easy steps to take and t
he single biggest advantage you have on this is how easy everything is.

Checkmark1 (2015_04_27 19_09_30 UTC)-largeThe dirty little secret of easy online marketers revealed.

But Wait! There’s more…

Order Now and you’ll get these exclusive bonuses absolutely free…


Bonus Video #1: How To Optimize Your Lead Generation.

lead wizardry box 3


Learn to split test your sales funnel to get the best bang for your buck. 

Increase your conversions and generate massive profits just by tweaking your funnel with the same amount of traffic.

Bonus Video #2: How To Monetize Your Mailing List.

lead wizardry box 3



Discover different ways of monetizing your email list and it’s the closest thing you will get to a ‘push-button’ system.

Bonus Video #3: How To Write Profit-Pulling Emails.

lead wizardry box 3


Create highly engaging emails that will make your readers loyal followers and responsive to your offers.

The more responsive they are, the more profits you make.

Super Bonus #1: List Building Madness. Worth $17.97

List Building Madness will provide you with the following crucial information to help you in your success:

Here is just some of what you will learn:

list building madness

  1. Tools you need to get started building your list.
  2. Techniques for designing an effective squeeze page.
  3. Designing multiple squeeze pages and using split testing methods.
  4. How to coordinate an email broadcasting schedule.
  5. Determining the most successful email subject lines.
  6. Preparing email content that produces results.
  7. Measuring the email open rate and the total clicks on specific links.
  8. Launching your list building campaign with a powerful impact.
  9. A large variety of effective marketing and advertising venues.

And lots more…

Super Bonus #2: Retargeting Conversions Blueprint. Advanced 9 Part Video Series Worth $27.97

conversions blueprint .1

Statistics show that, in general, only 2% of prospects convert. The other 98% leave and may never come back to your site.

This means that any money you’ve invested to get people to visit has been lost. 

If we take a closer look at those statistics, the big question becomes: “Why do online shoppers leave without paying or taking some sort of action?”

Although there may be hundreds of reasons why a potential customer may not make a purchase, these five are some of the most common.

1) They were presented with unexpected costs.

2) They thought the price was too expensive.

3) They found a better price elsewhere.

4) They decided against buying.

5) They were just browsing.

With such a high percentage of people leaving your site, each with their own reasoning, is there any way to get them back without reinvesting more money into new clients?

The answer is, “Yes!” This is what we call ‘retargeting’.

Imagine you go to Google.com and type in a specific item that you’re looking to buy. At the top of the page are several Google ads and you click on one of them. Of course, what you don’t know is that the advertiser had to pay to have their ad in the perfect place for you to find.

The ad redirects you to the website. Although you know little about it, you stay because you’re curious about what they have to offer. Perhaps you find a product that really piques your interest, but you decide not to purchase right away and to instead come back later.

Retargeting sealed the deal that you would buy from them. Still not convinced of the power of retargeting?

According to a comScore study, “Retargeted ads led to a 1046% increase in branded search and a 726% lift in site visitation after four weeks of retargeted ad exposure!”

The best news about this? You can do it for your own website for just pennies:

Video #1: Introduction and Recommended Retargeting

Checkmark1 (2015_04_27 19_09_30 UTC)Are you excited about using retargeting marketing for your business? In this video, you will be given a quick overview of the course. We’ll talk about the basic concepts of how retargeting works, and you will get to see the retargeting network that we recommend.

Video #2: Retargeting Frequency

Whenever you set up any retargeting campaign, the biggest question Checkmark1 (2015_04_27 19_09_30 UTC)that you should ask yourself is: How frequently should I show ads to potential buyers? You don’t want your ads to become annoying as that can actually hurt your brand. While it is always good to test, I’ll show you the exact frequency recommended. 

Video #3: How to Increase Your Conversions

Checkmark1 (2015_04_27 19_09_30 UTC)Before we jump in and show you how to create a highly-targeted campaign, it’s crucial to understand the strategy behind it and how exactly it raises your conversion rates across the board. You will learn to give people what they want in order to get what you want. 

Video #4: Frontline Retargeting Strategy

Checkmark1 (2015_04_27 19_09_30 UTC)The frontline retargeting strategy will cover two different aspects: people who leave your front sales page, and your lead magnets. While you can simply focus on retargeting people who leave, using this strategy will allow your conversion rate to explode!

Video #5: Deep Funnel Retargeting

Checkmark1 (2015_04_27 19_09_30 UTC)In the world of retargeting marketing, this strategy is often overlooked. Many times, people tend to just focus on prospects, but in this case, we will be focusing on customers who have already put their trust in you. In fact, selling to these types of people is easier, although it requires different actions.

Video #6: AdCreatives

Checkmark1 (2015_04_27 19_09_30 UTC)Creating ads for re-targeting is going to be very different from creating regular ads since these ads focus on people who have already visited your website. In this video, we will cover that as well as several other things, including how certain ads will help increase your conversion rate and how to cheaply get high-quality ads. 

Video #7:  Account Overview and WordPress Integration

Checkmark1 (2015_04_27 19_09_30 UTC)Once you have learned the fundamentals and strategies on how to set up your retargeting campaign, we will show you how to get started with a real live targeting network. You’ll learn how to set up your account and how to integrate your WordPress.

Video #8: Create Your Retargeting Segments

Checkmark1 (2015_04_27 19_09_30 UTC)In this video, we’ll cover how to create highly targeted retargeting segments. The more specific your segments are, the higher your conversion rate will be. Simply follow me step-by-step as I show you the best way to succeed.

Video #9: Create Your General Campaign Properly

Checkmark1 (2015_04_27 19_09_30 UTC)Congratulations! At this point, you have reached the end of the video series. After creating your segments, it’s time to create your general campaign to help your kick start the retargeting process.


Super Bonus #3: You Tube Video Editor Mastery Worth $9.97



Discovering how to edit your videos for FREE using the tools provided on Youtube to create a perfect visual performance for your audience to enjoy.

This package comes with 8 videos on how to edit your videos with free Youtube Editor.

By now you’re probably wondering

“How much is this entire training course?”

But ask yourself this instead, how much it would cost you if you don’t master lead generation for your online business?

The basic cost of starting an online business would be a domain name ($10 a year), web hosting ($10 a month), auto responder ($20 a month) and your traffic budget for starters (as low as $100) you could even find better prices depending on what you plan to do!

That’s a total cost of around $140.

Sure it’s relatively cheap but the biggest mistake you can do is to do things blindly and set up everything from scratch without a game plan.

It costs money to set up your site, web hosting and auto responder but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you won’t get any results whether you spend $140 or $14,000 even.

There’s no point in wasting your time and effort and doing things by trial and error.

I’ve spent a lot of time, money, sweat and effort to learn everything from scratch. It took a lot of sleepless nights and hard work to figure this whole list building thing. I don’t want you to go through the same hardships as I did.

Years of experience from my product launches, and email marketing have gone into creating the Lead Generation Wizardry 2.0 and you’re getting it only at a fraction!

The reason why lead generation wizardry 2.0 is so valuable to you these days is that the market is moving so fast that email marketing is a must do now to succeed and having the correct squeeze page is vital alongside having the right sales funnel in place feeding residual income into your account .

This step by step system walks you through everything! These methods never fail and making your website more appealing to your non-paying customers and turning them into profit paying customers on steroids.

Also with an easy to follow Mind map and checklist to keep you focused on generating the perfect leads and the 15 Video series that will guide you through what you need to do and how!

Not only that

You also get the Retargeting Conversions Blueprint: which contains 9 video series, 9 mp3 audio, 9 transcripts and 7 mindmaps.

Plus List Building Madness: will provide you with the following crucial information to help you in your success: 

Here is just some of what you will Discover:

  1. How to choose a market.
  2. How to determine what products to sell.
  3. How to set up your marketing funnel.
  4. How to create a give away item.
  5. Creating your squeeze page.
  6. How to create relevant content.
  7. How to get highly targeted visitors.

and lots more…

Wait there’s still more….

You will also receive YouTube Editor Mastery: 8 video series showing how to edit videos on youtube so you won’t have to spend out on video software.

Here is just some of what you will discover:

How to adjust the length of your video.
How to water mark your video.
How to insert pictures.
How to insert royalty free music so you don’t get stung for have copy write issues.
Create transcript.

So as you can see you get a lot for your money!

If I was to coach you privately on Lead Generation Wizardry 2.0, Retargeting Conversions Blueprint, List Building Madness and YouTube Editor Mastery you’d be paying $150 an hour to add this information to your arsenal.

If you were somehow able to figure this out on your own it would cost you $5687 and countless hours of trial and error.

Due to the sensitive nature of this information, this would easily sell for $100+. And people who buy it would be extremely happy.

But you won’t pay that much.

Here’s why:

As I have already done all the hard work and made all the mistakes and errors spending thousands of dollars finding the right system that works because I’m that passionate about it, I get really pissed off with all the so called fake gurus selling their awful push button software that doesn’t work.

Also know for a fact that the SO CALLED GURUS would charge you mega bucks like $300, $400 or even $500 just for the lead generation alone.

You see, I didn’t put this product together for people who are already successful. I created this for my friends who are struggling, still spinning their wheels, still not experiencing the results they want.

Because of this reason I’m going to be granting access to this product package for a price much less than it should be.

That said you can get INSTANT access to the ENTIRE Lead Generation Mastery plus all the bonuses for a one time low investment of:


The Lead generation Wizardry 2.0

No Thanks

My Rock Solid, Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee

Listen, I get that you might be a little sceptical and that this all may sound too good to be true. I get it, I know what it is like to get pitched all the “shiny objects” that in the past have promised the money and failed to deliver.

That’s why I’m going to give you a “no brainer” GUARANTEE. The guarantee is simple, check out the The Lead Generation Wizardry 2.0 starting right now on your computer, smartphone, or other portable device RISK FREE for the next 60 days!

And if for any reason you’re not happy, simply let me know before the 60 day risk free examination period is up, and I’ll give you a full refund. No hassles, no question asked.

Here’s What To Do Next

You’ve got two choices:

  1. You can leave this page, ignore this message, and you can go on trying and fail miserably spending over $3000-$5000 of dollars just like I did not getting further.


  1. Do the only sensible thing. Grab this offer right now, risk free and receive:

The Lead Generation Wizardry 2.0, Retargeting Conversions Blueprint, List Building Madness and Youtube Editor Mastery.

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All for this special limited time low price of $9.97:

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The Lead generation Wizardry 2.0

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Regardless of what you decide to do, I wish you all the best in your endeavours. If you do decide to let me help you, welcome! With my help, and a little of your time and effort, you’ll be making a profit in no time!

DSC_2875 - 2

Thanks and Kind Regards


Kevin J.P Ebsworth

P.S. Remember this offer is only going to be available for the first 20 17 people on a first come first serve basis and the price is going up to $97.97 and the bonuses are going away.

A month from today, you can be nothing more than 30 days older – or you can be $5000 richer.

The Lead generation Wizardry 2.0

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