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Messenger Chatbots are the future of online marketing - a technically advanced, but a super easy to use system to find clients and talk to them in a way that makes them want to listen and stay engaged with you and your message! 


Because, Unlike Email, It Feels Like A Two-Way Conversation" In Real time!  

it's like chatting with a friend on facebook! 

chatbots & messenger are the new email!

and here's the proof...

facebook chatbot messenger can deliver open rates of up to 90%

using email gives an average open rate of just 23%

what could 90% open rate do for your business?

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facebook Messenger chatbots are helping entrepreneurs like you

chatbots & messenger are the new email!

get it right and the chatbots and messenger could have a fantastic effect on your business.

but get it wrong and you could annoy your customers and actually lose your business. 

you nEED to know how to do this RIGHT.

this course will show you how to build a facebook messenger bot, step-by-step.

get ahead of your competition - they could start using chatbots at any time!!!

only a few business owners are using this to grow their business... for now.

it doesn't matter if you don't have followers, it doesn't matter if you have followers, it doesn't matter what you sell or how long you've been in the business.

if you want higher open rates, fast ROI, more subscribers and better engagement, a chatbot is the answer!

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The course content includes: 

How To create a facebook page for messenger

how to link your facebook page to manychat

desktop and mobile messenger

setting up your manychat greeting message



choosing a lead magnet for
your bot

creating your sales funnel
(examples included)

strategies for subscriber



examples, success checklist, action plan and lot's more!

create Six-Figures From the intelligent chatbot course also includes:

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Get 90% Open Rates Using "This Brand New Method" To Get More Customers And Grow Your Business! 

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Facebook Messenger Chat Bot

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